MC1 The Champions "Once and Future King" 7"

1. Once and Future King
2. Hangers

First press: 500 on black vinyl.

Second press: 200 on gray vinyl.

Third press: 300 on black vinyl.

Two different cover stocks exits, and two diffeent images on the reverse of the insert.

My first record. The Champions, from Burlington, VT (where I was going to school at the time) were the best hardcore band in town. Seeing them dozens of times at 242 Main Street I witnessed first hand their continuous improvement, and eventually became friends with front man Simon Brody. This is their second release, their first being on Unique Records, a "subsidiary" of New Start Records. The track "Hangers", a pro-choice song, received considerable positive press from the hardcore media. It was especially notable because they toured with Earth Crisis on each band's first significant tour. The final The Champions line up was effectively the first line up for Drowningman.

Sold out from me, look on: