MC11 Atlas Shrugged / New Day Rising split 7"

1. Atlas Shrugged – Dreamking
2. Atlas Shrugged – Rainmaker
3. New Day Rising – T.V. Dinners

First press: 1000 on black vinyl.

Second press: 500 on black vinyl.

Third press: 500 on black vinyl.

Fourth press: 175 on blue vinyl.

First press has large center circles. Other presses have small center circles.

This record is most notable as it was the start of a long and fruitful relationship Moo Cow Records had with with Canada's New Day Rising. Love them or hate them, they were extremely popular. I had always wanted to work with Chris Weinblad of Atlas Shrugged / Trip Machine Laboratories, so I had planned a split 7" with his band. Originally this was supposed to be a release with Norway's Lash Out being on the other side of the split. For some unknown reason they completely blew me off and there I was scrambling for another band. I had just gotten a hold of a New Day Rising demo, and of course I was blown away and reached out to them immediately. The DAT of this track "T.V. Dinners" was lost, so it does not appear on their "discography" CD on Eulogy Records, making this the only place it can be heard.


Sold out from me, but Trip Machine Labratories has reissued all the Atlas Shrugged tracks on a CD!