MC13 Despair / New Day Rising split 7"

1. Despair – Day Of Atonement
2. Despair – All Deceived

3. New Day Rising – Property Culture

First press: 1000 on black vinyl.

Second press: 500 on black vinyl.

Third press: 500 on black vinyl.

Fourth press: 200 on green vinyl.

This was the second record on which New Day Rising bailed me out. Originally this was supposed to be a Despair / Crud Is A Cult split 7". I will not go into the details, but things did not work out and I lost some money on that arrangement.. Anyway, with delays mounting and having New Day Rising bail me out on the Atlas Shrugged split 7", I went to them again. They came through with a fantastic song, and this release I believe opened the doors for them. The Despair tracks were from the same recording session as their Treadwater Records 7"s, and I think these early tracks are some of their best material. Scott Vogel of Despair / Buried Alive / Terror was a perfect professional, and to me, showed that a person can be in a "big" "mainstream" hardcore band and still just be a quality, down to earth person who loves hardcore. Working with him and Despair as a band was a wonderful experience. This record was actually released at the Cleveland Hardcore Festival in the mid-1990s. The one were the One Life Crew "riot" happened. I remember being there in the back corner selling these 7"s as fast as I could put them together. Both New Day Rising and Despair were playing at the fest. One minute a packing and selling records, the next I'm throwing boxes of records under my table and lying across them to prevent looting during a mini riot. Man, that was punk.

Sold out from me, look on: