MC15 Overcast / Arise split 7"

1. Arise – Spy Vs. Spy
2. Overcast – Seven Ft. Grin

First press: 1000 on black vinyl.

Second press: 1000 on black vinyl.

The first record I ever signed a contract for. Both bands even had an management company. I just really wanted to do an Overcast record and they wanted to help out their friends Arise. This was released just before Overcast went onto Edison Records. Arise did another split 7" with Nevertheless and a solo 7", neither of which were very well distributed. In actuality, Arise should have been a huge band. They seemed to have a tendency to cancel shows though. They made an excellent full length recording before any of their releases came out and for reasons unknown to me it was never released. I have heard this recording and it is just a terrific album and I believe would have turned the tide for this band. Due to the terms of the contract I was limited to pressing 2000.

Sold out from me, look on: