MC16 Gray Before My Eyes 7"

1. Raze
2. Hatelust

First press: 1000 on black vinyl. First 100-150 had screened covers.

Second press: 100 on white vinyl.

I first had dealings with the singer of Gray Before My Eyes, Mike Roberts, when I traded for some of his band's records (Adventures in Immortality) which were self-released. I'm not sure at what point I asked to release some of this Orlando, FL band's material, but when I received it I knew it was something special. This band had an ill-fated tour with Seven Years War right when this record came, and it was during this tour that I was able to see Mike Roberts perform live for the first time. From that point I knew I wanted to be involved with anything he touched. That Green Bay, WI house show was not well attended, but the power and emotion coming through that man was incredible. They released a split LP with Instil on Track Star Records, then GBME split and Song Of Kerman formed. Two of Song of Kerman''s three releases were on Moo Cow with their first EP being on Track Star Records. .

Sold out from me, look on: