MC18 Seven Years War "Ranks of the Common People" CD

1. Eighteen
2. Hibakusha

3. Caged
4. Witness
5. Nativecrown
6. Nrubaidem
7. One Of Every Three
8. Terrestrial
9. Pogrom
10. Phonemes

1000 pressed.

Split label release with Struggle Records.

This was a split label release with Struggle Records of New York. Great political hardcore in the "Ebullition" vein from Burlington, VT. Intelligent lyrics, good song writing, energy. This album gets better as you get into it, the first couple of tracks being kind of flat. It was supposed to be recorded at Salad Days with Brian McTernan from Battery, etc. When they showed up for their arranged session he was out of town. That left them scrambling for a studio. It all worked out, but I would have loved to hear these songs recorded at a studio that specialized in hardcore. SWAR's final tracks were released only on the Moo Cow Records #47 CD.

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