MC2 Solace "Forms Burning Cold" 7'

1. Concrete Forms
2. Corporate Burning
3. Brave New World Order

First press: 500 on black vinyl.

Second press: 300 on black vinyl.

Two different cover stocks. Second press stock is glossier.

I saw Solace when they played under the name Response downstairs at the Middle East Cafe. I called this Massachusetts band to inquire about their recording plans. They informed me they had test presses of a 7" they were to self release, but they ran out of money. That is where I came in. I made some mistakes on this one. Most notably I used a local printed who butchered the covers, the "Solace" on the cover appears to be in a separate box pasted on the cover (you have to see it, this was corrected on the second press). Plus, I used blue ink on white center circles, very ugly. I liked this record, but to be honest this band's best release was their "Dead Man Walking" demo which came out after this record. Great Quicksand influenced hardcore. I would have liked that demo to see vinyl but a line-up change after it was recorded prevented that from happening.

Sold out from me, look on: