MC21 Cave In / Piebald split 7"

1. Piebald – Guess It's OK
2. Cave In – Programmed Behind

First press: 1000 on black vinyl. 100 on white vinyl.

Second press: 500 on black vinyl.

Third press: 500 on black vinyl.

Fourth press: 100 on pink vinyl.

This was probably Moo Cow's most popular record. I had written for a demo from Cave In after seeing a review in Heartattack Zine. I received their demo and a Piebald recording. We quickly agreed to terms and that was that. This came out in 1996, my busiest year. I released 12 records in 1996 and there was delays on almost every one of them because I over extended myself. This version of the Cave In song "Programmed Behind" was never released anywhere else. The version on the "Beyond Hypothermia" LP has the vocal track re-recorded with their new singer. The great cover layout was done by Joe Beres who also did Foresight Records (first Promise Ring record) for awhile. Joe did most of the Moo Cow layouts after I moved to Wisconsin. An awesome guy to work with.

Sold out from me, look on: