MC22 Morning Again / Shoulder split 7"

1. Shoulder – Flower Drum Song
2. Morning Again – Cradle Of Empty Promise
3. Morning Again – Martyr

First press: 1000 on black vinyl. 200 on red vinyl.

Second press: 500 on black vinyl.

Third press: 500 on black vinyl.

Another record that was very popular at the time of its release. Shoulder from Canada did several releases on Conquer The World and I believe their off-key vocaled emo was very much underappreciated. This track is excellent and I believe their full length, "Touched", should be an emo classic that is put up on the level of Split Lip's "For the Love of the Wounded". This was the first release by Morning Again with their second lead vocalist. A marked difference from their first few releases and a vast improvement. This band was the ultimate in mid-1990s metal hardcore from Florida. There was a down side of this release though. Goodlife Records was to release a 5 song EP of Morning Again (this was what I was told) and they wanted to use the two tracks on my vinyl as CD bonus tracks. Well, when it came out it is titles "Martyr" (one of the two tracks on my release) and the tracks are not presented as bonus tracks but as part of a seven song album. I believe those tracks were also on the vinyl version of "Martyr". My copies were sold out so it was a moot point, and as long as it was done with Morning Again's permission it is all ok. But there I was trying to explain to people why I put out two tracks of their "Martyr" album out on a 7". Stuff happens.

Sold out from me, look on: