MC23 Fall Silent "Nineteenhundredninetyseven" 7" and CD-single

1. The Rulers (Andante)
2. Wheel Of Pain

CD bonus tracks:
3. Sesame Street
4. The Rulers (Largo)
5. Wheel Of Pain (Live)
6. Clenched Fist, Black Eye (Live)
7. The Rulers (Scherzando)

1000 on black vinyl. 100 on blue vinyl.

2000 CD-singles pressed.

Another one of my more popular releases. I saw this band at a community center show in Madison, WI that Ian from Fistheldhigh Records booked. They were simply amazing. Powerful, fast, tight, just great all around. The vinyl came out first and then the CD-single was issued with bonus tracks. Normally that wouldn't be something I would be into, but the "Sesame Street" theme song cover they did had to be made available to the public. Just amazing.

Sold out from me, look on: