MC24 V/A "World Hardcore" 2x7"

1. Eversor – September (Italy)
2. Deadbeat – Sub Zero (Germany)
3. Respect – Tranquilized (Poland)
4. Vanilla – Season Of Mayfly (France)
5. Undone – But You Love Religion (France)
6. Olotila – Akvaario (Finland)
7. Olotila – 130395
(6 & 7 are combined tracks) (Finland)


800 on black vinyl. 200 sets of gold and green vinyl.

People warned me that double 7"s simply do not sell. They were partially right. This record did sell, but not as fast as it should have considering the lineup. This release features Undone and Vanilla, both from France and both in the respected emo scene of the time. Dead Beat from Germany crank out a great abrasive hardcore track. Respect from Poland were the "controversal" straight edge band on the compilation. Being from Poland though I don't think the "controversy" left that country. Eversor, from Italy, were always a favorite of mine, and I highly recommend their Dag Nasty-ish style hardcore releases. Olotila from Finland is my favorite though. Two tracks that run together of fast X-Ray Spex style punk rock. Great great stuff from a very underappreciated band. Unfortunately their records were never widely available, but a CD discography exists.

Sold out from me, look on: