MC25 Parades End / Sky Falls Down split 7"

1. Parades End – Age Old Story
2. Parades End – Death Of The Fittest

3. Sky Falls Down – By Frost Come Fire

4. Sky Falls Down – Vanishing Like The Fear In Our Eyes

1000 on black vinyl. 100 on yellow vinyl.

This is a great great record. In 15 years if there is ever an emo revival I think this record will be recognized as a lost classic. This is Parades End's, from California, second release. Their first being a solo 7" on Wordsmith Covenant. This is Sky Falls Down from NJ's second release as well, their first being a split 7" with Bearing. Sky Falls Down features some members that went onto You & I, among other bands. They were another band that sent me demos religiously and this project was eventually born.

Sold out from me, look on: