MC26 New Day Rising / Hourglass split LP and CD

1. Hourglass – Consumed
2. Hourglass – Poster
3. Hourglass – When The Day Pass On On
4. Hourglass – Shamefaced
5. Hourglass – Individual
6. Hourglass – June Is The Month For Me
7. New Day Rising – Mother's Right
8. New Day Rising – Fingerprints
9. New Day Rising – The Master's Bullet
10. New Day Rising – Revolution Song
11. New Day Rising – Silly Dumb Love Song

1000 on black vinyl.

1000 CDs pressed.

Well, where to start. I very much am proud of this release, but there are several things I would have done differently if I could do it all over again. The first thing that really plagued this release was delays. The CD came out relatively quickly once everything was in hand but the packaging concept wasn't the best. The booklet was 7" EP sized and the CD came in a cardboard sleeve. I just couldn't figure out (still can't) how to do proper CD packaging for a split band release when each band wants their own cover. The LP looks much better, but it came out a year later. The LP probably should have came out first. Live and learn. Although people other than the bands were constantly harping "what is taking so long?" they didn't realize one important thing. This was not supposed to be just a Moo Cow Records release. A guy who was friends with Hourglass from upstate NY wanted to start a label and this was going to be his first release. I think it was going to be "Gorilla Warfare Records" or something like that. Well, he dropped out of the game early and there I was with a LP/CD commitment and having to pay twice the amount of money than I had budgeted for. But damn, the tunes freakin rock!!! Hourglass is just so heavy, and the New Day Rising tracks are simply classic!

Sold out from me, look on: