MC3 V/A "Boston Hardcore: In Memory Of..." 7"

1. Intent to Injure - Are You The Sun?
2. Dive - Low Rumble From Underneath the Hillside
3. Chilmark - Beautiful

First press: 400 on black vinyl. 100 on red vinyl.

Second press: 500 on black vinyl.

Third press: 500 on black vinyl.

This was the first of my releases that received any real attention. This was also, at the time, the first Boston area hardcore compilation in many many years. It features excellent examples of the diversity of Boston hardcore from the early 90s period. The crunchy modern hardcore of Dive, the off key emo of Chilmark, and the old-school power of Intent To Injure. I also learned my lesson about mastering on this record and went to K-Disc and had the famous John Golden do this record. A wise choice, it sounds great. These tracks were released on the Moo Cow Records #47 CD


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