MC32 New Day Rising "Live" LP

1. Revolution Song
2. Fingerprints
3. Property Culture
4. Woman's Right
5. Master's Bullet
6. T.V. Dinners

500 on black vinyl.

Four or five different live photos exist on the covers.

This one cracks me up. A live New Day Rising album. It was not a Moo Cow conceptualized project but I was and am glad to have it on my label. I was speaking to Dave from New Day Rising one day and he mentions how someone was going to release a NDR live 12" but the guy either ran out of money, or didn't like hardcore anymore, or some junk like that. He tells me the vinyl is pressed and just sitting at the plant. I'm like "you have to be kidding" and jump on this right away. They get the kid who paid to press the records to release the rights to me. I pay the shipping and leftover bill to the pressing plant. I get 500 black LP sleeves, start gluing the 500 photos on the sleeves (there are four or five different photos). Then I make gold labels that say "New Day Rising : Live" and slap them on. There you have it, a limited New Day Rising 12". Pretty darn good sound quality too. This was from the earlier more emo New Day Rising, just as they started to transition to the more grindy hardcore stuff..

Sold out from me, look on: