MC33 Atlas Shrugged "Old Familiar Face" 7"

1. Hellenback
2. Chameleon

1000 on black vinyl. 100 on white vinyl.

Split label release with Fistheldhigh Records.

This was another split label release with Fistheldhigh Records. Although never immensely popular, Atlas Shrugged was always a band I was happy to work with. That was largely because I share so many of the viewpoints on hardcore as band member Chris Weinblad. Whether you like them or not, this can be said of this New York band: they played the type of music they enjoyed playing and listening too and didn't subcumb to trends. They never hopped on any bandwagon, they just did what they loved to do, play hardcore.

Sold out from me, but Trip Machine Labratories has reissued all the Atlas Shrugged tracks on a CD!