MC36 Song of Kerman "The Unamerican Sounds of..." LP

1. And Then I Made The Weeping
2. And What Of I ?

3. The Waltz

4. Perception Is A Deity

5. The Tinnitus Walked

6. Her Life In Blazes

7. Dismantle The Hanging Gardens

8. The True Gift Of Life

9. Good Neighbor Policy

150 on clear vinyl. 200 on gray vinyl.

I can honestly say that from beginning to end this is probably thes best DIY hardcore record I ever produced. It is also the most limited. Song of Kerman mix emo, passion, politics, and rage together into what hardcore should be about. This is a full length album which was originally to be a CD. The band broke up and I switched quickly to a limited edition LP because the band would no longer be around to promote the release. It comes in a clear "picture disc" vinyl sleeve with a slightly oversized CD booklet as the cover art/insert. I already had the negatives done for the CD booklet and couldn't afford to have them all redone. It was originally all to be done on clear vinyl, but the vinyl came out thin and easily warped, so a partial replacement press on gray vinyl was done. If I could give out one record to people when they ask what Moo Cow is about, it would be this one, if I had the copies to give...

Sold out from me, look on: