MC37 Bastard In Love / Cameran split 7"

1. Cameran – The Inheritance Of Imperialism (Pro-Grace)
2. Cameran – Love Is The Revolution We All Shall Seek
3. Cameran – Veto (2&3 are combined tracks)

4. Bastard In Love – Middle Light Scars
5. Bastard In Love – 1000 Feet High

500 on black vinyl.

I was introduced to Bastard In Love, from Brazil, from dealings with band member and Teenager In A Box Record label owner, Nene Altro. He was also in Personal Choice and Dance of Days. I had contacted him about releasing some Dance of Days material and found out about his new band Bastard In Love. Great fast melodic hardcore, not unlike a faster version of early Avail. Cameran, from Austria, was another "ex-member of..." band that I had contacted about releasing some material by. Cameran wanted to really separate themselves from their other band endeavors so it was never marketed as a "ex-members of..." release. Great ultra-technical metal hardcore.

Sold out from me, look on: