MC39 V/A "World Hardcore Volume 2" 7"

1. Hamilton - Mids (U.S.A.)
2. True Blue - Devil Angel (Germany)
3. Arms Reach –
4. Dischord - Monopolio Da Razao
5. Man In The Shadow - Sovdatski Boben

300 on black vinyl. 25 test presses on gold vinyl with Bigg Mixx covers.

This record took YEARS too long to come out. I was trying to get it out while I was in graduate school and I had multiple distractions going at the time. When it did finally come out it was an excellent compilation with tracks from Hamilton (noisy hardcore from Michigan, USA), Man In The Shadow (old school Euro hardcore from Slovenia), Dischord (crust hardcore from Brazil), True Blue (Cro Mags-ish metallic hardcore from Germany) and Arm's Reach (fast straight forward dual vocaled hardcore from Australia) was born. A top notch compilation from beginning to end, and the tracks here were not issued on vinyl or CD anywhere else as far as I have been able to find out.

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