MC4 Shatter / Foreground split 7"

1. Shatter – Sliver
2. Shatter – Deceive (combined track)
3. Foreground – Behind
4. Foreground – Poor Land Nations

First press of 500 black vinyl.

Second press of 300 black vinyl.

No known differences between the pressings.

Shatter, from New Jersey, were a slow technical metal hardcore outfit. I saw this band at the first New Bedford hardcore festival and was instantly taken. Their demo just solidified my love of this band. Foreground, from Montreal, Canada was a band that I had traded for their self released 7", then after meeting them decided to work with them. This was the first in a long long line of split 7"s on Moo Cow Records. The local printer screwed up the covers on this one as well, and they fold over from the top.

Sold out from me, look on: