MC40 Sister Mary Rotten Crotch "Fuck Load O' Pretty" LP

1. Dies Irae
2. On Me

3. Senseless Crime

4. Polaroid
5. Instigator
6. Mr. Right
7. I Ain't Fucking You
8. Marguerite
9. F.U.C.T.
10. 1221
11. Little Slut
12. Fuck You And Your Neighborhood
13. I Don't Love 'Em
14. Pussy (Lords Of Acid)

400 on black vinyl. 100 on pink vinyl.

This was supposed to originally release on Smokin' Troll Records in the UK. That label went under and Moo Cow released it on vinyl. Great Kansas City, MO female Street Punk / Hardcore (the band used to be all women, at the time of this recording it was 3 women and 1 man). The lyrics received decidedly mixed reviews. There was definitely a segment of reviewers that found the lyrics offensive (especially on 'Little Slut'), and more the one reviewer made the point that if males wrote/sung these lyrics it would be unacceptable, but they couldn't go there with it being a women on women criticism. Of course, SMRC soundedly put down scummy men on another track. I just thought the record was solid and the band members were cool. Sister Mary Rotten Crotch has several other releases, including but not limited to, a split full length with The Rolemodels from Chicago and a split 7" with Terminus City.