MC44 Talk Hard / Radical Attack split 7"

1. Talk Hard – Why Be Original When You Can Be Popular
2. Talk Hard – Feed The Crust Punks To The Real Homeless
3. Talk Hard – The Seperation Of Church And Brain
4. Radical Attack – Scenester Poser
5. Radical Attack – An Axe To Grind
6. Radical Attack – Blood Money
7. Radical Attack – Number 1
8. Radical Attack – Fuck Your Scene (7 & 8 are combined tracks)

500 on black vinyl.

This is Talk Hard from Boston's second release. Their debut, the "Sarah Connor's Will" EP, received tremendous critical acclaim for the intense and wonderfully intelligent lyrics. These three songs are a bit more metallic than on their debut, but still heavy hitting and they continue to write some of the best lyrics in hardcore. This is Radical Attack's, from Quebec, second release as well. Their first being a split CD with Maine's Never Say Die. These five tracks are faster, more hardcore, and much better than their debut.

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