MC45 Terminal Youth / Fruit Salad split 7"

1. Terminal Youth – Don't Step In The Nationalism
2. Terminal Youth – Fuck Hitler Youth

3. Terminal Youth – Swine

4. Terminal Youth – SOA Not AFI

6. Fruit Salad – State Destruction

7. Fruit Salad – Violence

8. Fruit Salad – Cancer

9. Fruit Salad – Fight

10. Fruit Salad – Till Death

500 on red vinyl.

Terminal Youth (ex Bob Barker Youth) follows up their critically acclaimed debut EP from early 2004 with 4 more thrash assaults addressing growing Nationalism in the US, our puppet government and that AFI sucks ass, listen to SOA instead (duh!). Boston’s best thrash band will make 625 Hardcore fans break out into spontaneous circle pits in bedrooms across the globe. Fruit Salad from Boston lash out five tracks on their debut vinyl release, non stop crazed blistering thrashcore creating one the best 1-2 punch of DIY hardcore Boston has seen in a decade. Original artwork by up and coming Boston artist Michelle frames this soon to be classic vinyl platter beautifully.

Sold out from me, look on: