MC5 Temperance "Search for Silence" CD / Cassette / LP

1. Last Words To Heaven
2. Haunted

3. Retrieve

4. Drifting Away
5. Follow
6. Search
7. Shifting Tides

8. This Fire

1000 CDs. 500 Cassettes.

300 pressed on black vinyl. Vinyl released January 2018.

My first attempt at a big time release. It was met with quite a bit of acclaim when finally out. That was the problem, actually getting it out. I had a huge delay in trying to get the layout done. This was this Providence, Rhode Island band's first release in many years. The kids ate it up. The band later went onto Conversion Records, which at the time was part of the big "Revelation - New Age - Conversion Records" group. I realized after this release and dealing with the band, the graphic designer, and the manufacturer that I wanted no part of the "corporate" hardcore scene. I went back to mainly doing small time 7"s and have been very happy since.