MC6 Chilmark "Mosaic / The King" 7"

1. Mosaic
2. The King

Repress: 500 on black vinyl.

Originally pressed on Used Gears Records.

This was an official repress of Chilmark's second vinyl release. They originally released it themselves on Used Gears Records but they only pressed 500 (as opposed to about 1000 of the "Driftwood" 7"). Both EPs they released were good, but this band took huge steps on their recording for my "Boston Hardcore - In Memory Of..." 7" and their self released CD "Thirteen Fingered Man". To really appreciate this band though you needed to see them live. I put on a show with John "Hearsay" in the basement of the Middle East with Full Force, Opposition, Intent To Injure, Drop Dead, Dive, and Chilmark. By far, the kids were most into Chilmark. That place was packed, this was the summer of 1994 and after this show the Middle East stopped letting us rent the hall (they saw how much $$ could be made) and started doing their own booking through interns.

Sold out from me, look on: